Featured work

Projects include work for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, a startup I cofounded, and selected freelance clients.


Content Strategy, UI/UX, Visual Design - Tifie exists to elevate humanity by supporting projects that enable marginalized people to meet their own basic needs. I led content strategy, UI/UX, and visual design. I worked closely with project leads on copywriting and collaborated with developers on rapid prototyping.

WB Games Visual Communications

ART DIRECTION & DESIGN - As one of the world's leading entertainment producers, they create film, television, and video game content. The WB Games division tasked me with redesigning all internal/external communications.

Somu Energy

IDENTITY, USER EXPERIENCE, Cofounder - Somu Energy is a Nepal-based social venture with the mission to radically change the way rural villagers use and access electricity. We provide energy access and create local jobs by renting out battery banks and operating solar charging stations that are run by local entrepreneurs. My task as the creative lead was to create the identity and launch website.

WB Games Data Visualization

Design - Modular template developed for executives / analysts / managers to visualize budget forecasts, reports, or game data. The main ask was to condense as much information as possible, into the smallest space possible.

PAX Prime Invite

Design - The idea behind this event was to thank WB’s passionate fan base by throwing an exclusive party during PAX Prime. I was tasked with designing a unique invite for each game's fan base, while maintaining a consistent theme.

Meagan Gorham - Stylist

user experience & design - Meagan Gorham is a Boston based stylist who was looking to update her online presence. Working closely with the developer, we developed a responsive one page site outlining her skills and personality.

Portfolio of Brian Kenney

user experience & interaction design - Brian is a 3D artist who needed an interactive website showcasing his work. Playing on the concept of 3D, I explored different user interactions throughout the site; in the header, hover states, and elsewhere.


User Experience

Extensive research, strategy planning and wireframing to produce thoughtful, structured layouts for user interfaces and responsive web design.

Art Direction & Design

Sending the correct message by applying system thinking with consistent visual tone to both digital and physical products, translating complex data into personal experiences.

Front End Development

Rapid prototyping to final deployment; bridging the gap between design and development.